Saturday, 15 August 2009

Darkness of white

I've been reading a lot lately. Some Discworld novels actually. They're quite fun to read, and I love the random "breaking the norm" way they're written in.

I've also been working a lot (and so earning money, yay :D). On Tuesday I went down to the main office to fetch some special envelopes which I needed as part of my current "tasks" (which consist of sending approval letters to patients, who've been accepted for early examinations before operations - it's not as easy as it may sound :P). Well, I was approached by my boss who told me: "We would like to ask you to do some more difficult work for us." I was like: "YEAH!!". And it turned out I was FINALLY to start the translating job, I had applied for at the very beginning. It consist of "translating" from medical terms into layman's terms. For example, I translate such terms as "nerve root blocking", "cerebral palsy" or "neuropsychological examination" (it's all in Danish of course). It requires a lot of research, its very much relevant to my study, I learn from it and I get paid for each and every minute I use. I love it. And I still keep my much easier (in comparison) side job of sending patient approval letters. Which I, of course, also get paid for.

On a more annoying note scale (once you've played Eternal Sonata for Xbox 360 for a while you seriously start thinking about every annoying thing that reminds you of music - seriously, the characters you can control in the game are named March, Salsa, Allegretto, Beat, Falsetto, Polka, Claves, Viola, Jazz, Crescendo, Serenade and oh yes, Frédéric) I got a ridiculously huge heat bill this month. Believe me, it's blown out of all proportions. I normally pay a little bit each month towards the heat bill, and at the end of the year (which for some reason seems to be sometime in july) they check to see if I paid too much or too little compared to how much I consumed. And it seems that during the winter I heated enough to raise the temperature worldwide by a degree. It's ridiculous, and I've also sent a complaint to the company to get them to check this. I was very, very careful with how much heat I used. I nearly only used my bedroom heating system and not the one if my living room. And guess what, the bill shows that my living room heated over three times as much as my bedroom. Make sense? No. Anyway, I hope this all gets sorted out.

I watched Godfather I yesterday, since I had never seen it before. I hadn't expected it to be so long, but it was really, really good. I'm going to watch the other two over the next few days.

Have you ever heard about a plant called Salvia Divinorum, or Sage of the Seers? I just heard about it today. It seems it's this really weird plant that can give you some very special hallucinations and experiences if you smoke/chew it. And it's totally safe. There's no side effects, you can't get addicted and you can't die of an overdose or anything. It was used in the past by Aztecs and Indians for spiritual insights and experiences. It's said by a lot that it's the only herb in the world which is termed "existentia" meaning that it somehow provides experiences concerning the very act of existance. I'm not exactly sure what it means, but I heard of a guy experiencing a white room, where a machine kind of "stapled" reality to a globe which was supposed to be our Earth. This plant is also unlike the other hallucinogens that exist. It's not for parties, not made for groups and not a "fun" drug as such. It's said that you will respect the plant after having tried it the first time. The real high of taking the plant starts after 5 seconds and lasts five minutes if you smoke it, and starts after 30 minutes and lasts up to one hour if you chew the leaves. That's not long. But it's said that the experiences are well worth it anyway. While under the effect you normally simply let yourself lie down with your eye closed in a half-dark room. It's said that light will make the experience quite confusing. If you get the most vivid experiences, which are said to be the best, there's a chance you might walk around the room a bit like a sleepwalker, and that's why many suggest having a sitter with you the first few times. They're supposed to help you by gently guiding you around the room (so you don't collide with stuff) if you start walking around.

Anyway, it's a pity that the plant is beginning to become illegal. It got banned here in Denmark as of 2004, so it's relatively new. It's still legal in the UK for example. It seems that some people tried driving while under the influence of it (wtf..). So yeah, it's a pity. It sounded like quite a harmless thing, that yet could give some quite profound experiences. I've always wanted to try something that wasn't dangerous or addictive that could give you an experience out of this world (they say that the ultimate effect is the feeling of becoming one with the world and knowing Everything). I've also always wondered how it might be to hallucinate.

The closest I've ever gotten was when I was sick. Although that was quite a horrible experience that I never, ever want to try again. It had to do with feeling feelings like pain in a sort of 4th physical dimension which was swirling all around me, while I felt like I was continuously falling sideways and thinking that medicine would not work on everyone because of displacements of that 4th dimension, since noone could ever get close enough to the same locations in that dimension. Yeah, it was fucked up, and scary.

Now I'll go and play a bit of Eternal Sonata. I'm currently in Aria Temple waiting for prince Crescendo of Baroque City to reach a decision about whether or not he will support the resistance group of Andantino in an attack on Count Waltz. Because Count Waltz is distributing mineral powder (mineral powder?) mined from Mt. Rock which turns people into mindless soldiers to fight for him, so his nation of Forte can become supreme. Oh, and by the way, that guy on the right is Frédéric from the game. And guess what? His weapon is a baton stick. You know, the thing you use for conducting symphonies. Yep.

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