Monday, 24 November 2008

Tired and a bit miserable

Another quite exhausting today. Started early with quite some boring lectures followed by biochemsitry quiz (let me hear you shout pyruvate). When the day finished at around noon, I was in the very special spontaneous falling asleep state which can mean two things: I either go hyper, or I become sluggish and use every possible excuse to close my eyes and powernap. Well, to be honest, I think a mix of that happened. And that's a very annoying thing, even for myself.

After the last class I went to a sort of game afternoon/early evening with some people from my uni course. It was quite fun, except for two things:

1. I got a call from my bank saying that pretty much all my money had just been withdrawn from my bank account by an unknown third party. I still have my credit card on me and I have used it for absolutely nothing on the net, so I'm stumped, confused and mildly scared. I noticed some suspicious activity already yesterday, where a very small amount of money had been transferred to a betting company I had never heard about. I immediately contacted the betting company and they promptly replied that they had looked into it, found my card and blocked it. They would see to it that the fraud transaction was identified and my small amount returned to me, but it would take a little time. I looked into the company and they're quite respected and have won a big number of awards as an outstanding company, so I have a hunch it isn't them. Now it's just to contact my bank tomorrow and get all this mess sorted out.. Oh, how I love life's small surprises.

2. It's getting to me that people here don't get when I'm trying to be funny. It's really getting to me. I never had trouble before at all, but here they either take me seriously or just plainly can't see my point (usually the first mentioned). Today annoyed me a bit, and I felt a bit =(. Problem is I have the craziest long-term memory so I can't live by "the truly happy person is the one who doesn't understand and easily forgets". I don't forget when people tell me annoying things. I know I'm whining but I need some comfort here :P! I really don't want to be the one who's "different" and looked down on as being weird or something just because I came from another country. I know I joke a lot about some things, but sometimes I actually care more about it than it may seem. I wonder if other people don't feel the same way sometimes. Making fun of something is also a way of distancing yourself from the problem and not facing it. I know I'm a culprit of that sometimes.

Yeah, a bit of a bleak day up until now, wasn't it. On a happier note: The woman who hosted the game evening had two really cute kids :D! I scared one of the girl's with my bird mimicking whistle sound, but the other started laughing like crazy, and that was the best. I don't know what it is about really young children laughing so spontaneously, bit it seems to always be able to lift people's spirits :D!

And on a completely neutral note: It's snowing like crazy here! I love it! It's been ages since I really saw the snow falling in cascades like I did today. And waking up to a tiny winter wonderland is something I haven't done in ages. It's cold, I admit, but the landscape makes more than up for it. I probably should switch to my winter coat soon =). I just can't be bothered yet, and it would not surprise me if I didn't switch at all the entire winter. Only time will tell :P.

Ah well, tomorrow is another long day. I'm dissecting a lizard, for those interested. I'm slowly beginning to be fed up of peering at intestines all day :P. And my lack of sleep continues =). So now I'd better get to bed!


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