Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Dreaming the days away..?

Here is that promised article of mine:


Have you got enough time on your hands to do what you want to do? Are you running out of time? Or maybe time seems like it is moving too slowly in classes and too quickly once you finally start having fun? Perhaps you feel like time is against you. Is it some kind of evil entity that only tries to hurt you? Maybe it feels like that. Maybe you should take your time and read this article. But what exactly IS time?

Time isn’t something you can control. It is not something you can hold in your hand or sell to someone. And yet you can measure it and sometimes you can practically feel like time has changed its pace. How many times haven’t you looked at your watch in class and thought: “WHY do the minutes go by SO slowly?” And at times it feels like time has passed you with light speed. Unfortunately enough, this always seems to happen when you want the moment to last longer. This clearly shows that time can move at different speeds according to who experiences it. A second can last longer for someone who is bored than for someone who is having the time of his life. So it seems that time is subjective. You might imagine it as a river flowing. At certain points the water flows quicker than at others. And at times it can almost seem like it is standing still.

Still confused about what time is? A general definition might be that time is the continuum of experience in which events pass from the future through the present to the past with no means of altering the process. However, in various novels and works of fiction we find the famous time machines which never seem to be able to alter the course of events in a satisfactory way. Do not mess with time, or time messes with you, is usually the message. It seems that time can get quite angry at you if you don’t leave it alone. Might that suggest a certain personality behind time?

For example we can prove that women are evil using the concept of time:

Maybe time has a sense of humour that has gone previously unnoticed. Time might be laughing at you behind your back while you’re sweating over some difficult exam question, and it suddenly decides to speed up and leave you stranded there as it flies by. Or it might take personal pleasure in making your best moments of life seem as short as possible. Whatever the reason, time is not exactly the most friendly of fellows.

So, always remember that you should enjoy the time that has been given you. Or else it might end up being time that is enjoying, what it is giving YOU..

(Note: This article was written with the TIMES New Roman font)

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