Tuesday, 25 November 2008

A better day!

Like I said yesterday, today would be a better day, and it was.

It's proceeding forward with the credit card mess thing; I now got my own detective =)! I'm going down this Thursday to meet him in person and give my statement as well as email correspondance and bank account overviews. I'm looking forward to all this being over.

University today wasn't so bad actually. I was tired at the first lecture, but the next classes were fine. And I realise that it's maybe just people from that game evening group who don't understand my humour. All (or most of) the others have no troubles. That made me feel a lot better. I think most of the people in the game group are great, it's just that we don't always find the same things funny. Embarassed silences and being laughed at for not understanding can get annoying in the end =).

I'm way behind in reading the stuff, I hope that I'll manage to catch up soon. I do make nearly all exercises, but it's hard to do if you can't keep up with the reading. It's not always enough to simply listen at lectures because the answers aren't all given there, so I can't use that tactic any more.

I can't believe I'm actually doing this blog. But surprisingly enough, it's quite nice to be able to write down your thoughts. Maybe this is why people get addicted to blogging. It's quite nice to take your thoughts off annoying tasks and just realise how you're doing yourself and writing it down in words. Maybe it's a way of dealing with things in a direct manner? Actually admitting stuff to yourself is often the hardest step to take in solving an issue.

Maybe I should change this blogs name to SleepyDuck considering my usual state of sleepiness, but that blog is of course already taken. I seem to have a hard time getting the usual eight hours these days. Tomorrow I'll post an article of mine I wrote about sleep, since it seems quite fitting.

Look forward to it!

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