Sunday, 20 September 2009

Quietly bouncing up and down

I'm really tired. No wonder, really, since it's 3 o'clock at night. Once again another Saturday gone by. Once again, I managed to read an impressive 0 pages. And once again, I have a lot of reading to look forward to tomorrow :P..

This week has been unremarkable in the occurrences of chronic weird dreams. I still remember my dreams every single time I sleep and they're as weird as ever. A few days ago, I dreamt I was a Russian paparazzi photographer who had learnt how to stop time by a special hand movement. I won't recount the plot of the dream (yeah, this one actually had one) but it had to do with global conspiracies, robots and me saving the world from a would-be dictator.

Believe it or not, but I'm actually getting a bit tired of remembering my dreams after every time I wake up. I wake up feeling a bit drained, still thinking about the weird stuff I dreamt. I hope I'll get back to normal soon.

Yesterday (Friday) was up early for lectures, then home and sleep a bit, and then I was off to a dinner with two friends. It was a feast, I tell you. We were only three people, and I dare say we'd made enough food for at least double that amount. And the food was exquisite. It's been a little time since I ate that much good food :D.

After that glorious dinner we went to the theatre. I'd never been to the theatre before. And it was truly great. It was a comedy called "Dwindle" ("Skrump") and it's truly a long time since I've laughed that much. It was epic, and I loved every minute of it. It even had a famous Danish actor in it that I knew, and that made the experience even better.

Afterwards one of the two other friends I saw the play with had to go home, and it was only me and the other guy. We decided we would only drink a single beer and then head on home. Well, I really wanted to see a bar I had heard a lot about, called Wall Street. But we couldn't find it. So we wandered a bit around aimlessly, talking and seeing a bit of Copenhagen by night. After a while we decided to just head into the next pub/bar we saw. And that place happened to be an Irish pub called "The Dubliner". And what a cool place! Really nice area with loads of decorations and a really weird, huge, circular window in the ceiling. Plus a live band that played epicly well. And they made the best Guinness I've ever tasted. Seriously, it was good. I could have drunk ten of them. It's got to be the only beer where I actually like the foam as much as the beer. It's truly delicious if the beer is well poured. And the bird in the picture is really cool too!

And well, one beer somehow became many. We were enjoying ourselves a lot and after the first promised beer it was suggested we had another. And well, suddenly it was around 3 o'clock or so (I had no idea what time it was, but I remember getting to bed around 5 o'clock). And we were both a bit/quite/very drunk. I had left my backpack at the guy's appartment (it was the same place we had the huge dinner) so I had to go by his place first. And once I got there it was so late and he kind of commanded me to sleep over :P. I really couldn't be bothered to take the bus all the way home at that point either, so I was happy to oblige. We drank some more beer, had some cake and leftovers from the dinner, talked and watched TV.

First we watched a French TV channel. It was really weird hearing French again. It was a random program about a fishing boat in France. Afterwards we chanced upon an episode of MacGyver. It was truly ridiculous. After having seen him in a Family Guy episode I had always thought MacGyver was just a joke character, but he actually is from a serious series (haha, sounded funny). And he can seriously make weapons from the most ridiculous things. In this episode he set fire to a pine cone and tossed it under a car, and the car promptly exploded. I mean, come on. He could probably make an atom bomb from a used pencil and three bent nails.

The next morning I awoke by myself at 8 o'clock. That meant I had slept little over 3 hours. But I didn't feel tired. Just a slight hangover. On my way home I was met by quite a lot of looks. It might be connected to the fact that I was dressed way too nicely for a normal day. One good thing though, was that I now have semi-short hair, and since I use wax to mess it up, it hides morning hair really well. So I didn't look completely hopeless =).

As I came home home, I immediately went to bed and awoke about 6 hours later with one hour to spare before a friend came visiting. Change of clothes, shower etc. Then off to badminton for one and a half hours and another huge dinner. It was really nice.

I do realise that this post has been quite full of snippets. I'm just so goddamn tired, so I can't be bothered to connect things in any real meaningful way. I'm so tired I'm even starting to see things. On my way home on bicycle from the friend's place I sometimes thought I saw people in the shadows. That they might actually have been real people is another matter. It was Saturday and 2 AM, so it was absolutely possible.

Ah, well. Now I'm finally off to sleep. Hopefully I'll have a quiet night of dreams.

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