Monday, 14 September 2009


I'm beginning to get a little bit worried about my dreams.

I've always considered myself very good at remembering my dreams, but lately I've been able to remember my dreams every single day for over two weeks. And the bad thing isn't that I can remember it all, but that I'm beginning to confuse parts of them with reality. They're all about my life here at university at the moment. And while some of the dreams are weird (like people competing in the Guiness World Records for the title of "World's Biggest Drinker" or asking me to make them green pasta), others are way more realistic.

Just this evening I dreamt I was reading in our cell biology book. And I remember what I read. It's scary, because I don't think what I read was actually true. It had to do with gene expression being connected to a group of Rho and Ras GTPases and kinases, respectively. I mean, come on, wtf is this. What kind of sick dream is that.. Ah, well, I guess I'm finally going insane?

On another note, I got a little further in Eternal Sonata yesterday. And I have my second Japanese class tomorrow that I'm really looking forward to! I've learnt half of the katakana (one out of two Japanese phonetic alphabets) already in just this one week by practicing a bit during lectures, and I'm quite proud of that =). I'm also going to the theatre this Friday with two friends, and that's gonna be really nice. I've never been to the theatre before, so I'm sure it will be quite an experience!

This Friday I had a huge dinner at my place with a friend. It consisted of entrecĂ´te, french fries, bernaise sauce and everything. Quite exquisite. Afterwards I was invited to a concert by a group named Infernal. I kind of wanted to go, but because I had plans the following day plus a built-up lack of sleep I decided not to go.

The following day, Saturday, I went to that birthday party. I managed to get lost twice on the way there (I travelled by bike). And on the way home again (around 1 o'clock) my GPS had somehow lost its battery, so I had to go all the way on memory. And my visual memory sucks. But anyway, I made it spectacularly well. And because of that experience, I can now find my way there again without any help :D. The birthday party was really fun too. Got to talk to a lot of people and had lots of nice (free :P) food and wine.

On a more general note. I kind of feel like I'm moving in shadows. That is to be understood that time is moving without me being able to see anything. These days are kind of fleeting. The weekends disappear, and there are not that many days I can truly single out from the others. It's weird, because new, distinct things are happening every day. I hope it's not this way it feels to become old :P. Meh.

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