Monday, 21 September 2009

The Continuous Dream

Just a quick post here.

In the recent development of my constant dreaming, I've finally decided to do a dream log. I've heard that writing down what you dream every time you remember is both healthy and fun. And it should also be fun for myself to read later on, I guess. If all goes well it'll also lead to more frequent lucid dreaming, which is of course always fun (lucid dreams are dreams where you are able to consciously control what happens). You can find the link on the right (under "Other blogs") or click here.

I've also added a sort of "reaction" comment thing underneath each post. So if you won't bother leaving a comment, you can at least put a checkmark in the box saying if you found the post funny, cool, boring, interesting, weird, stupid, clever or all of the above.
EDIT: I can't get that stupid thing to show more than three options, and I have a headache after looking through all that html coding to try and find the problem. Until I fix it I will just give three options to choose from. Weird, stupid/boring and cool. That should about cover every possible feeling you might have towards the post after having read it.

There's also a nifty little search box on the right if you for some weird reason want to search for just that special post that you can't quite remember the weird title of, but would like to read anyway.


  1. "So if you won't bother leaving a comment..."
    I feel bad about myself now. I'll try to comment a bit more often, sorry

  2. Lol, it wasn't at all meant like that xD! I'll be happy if you comment, but it's not like I cry myself to sleep every night because of the lack of comments xD.
    Anyway, the new system is much easier ^^. You can always elaborate on why you voted what you did if you want, of course :P.

  3. Aaah, and now I don't have to go to a separate page to comment!