Thursday, 24 September 2009

Together wisdom go for it, please!

Goddamn it I'm exhausted. I finally finished going through all of the stuff I had to do today at around 23:00. That's hell of a long day.

I'm still way behind with reading. But I think I can make it. These next weeks aren't that tough concerning the amount we have to read. I do have to do a report on a biophysics experiment we did about membranes for next Thursday, but I have it under control. I find it quite easy and natural to understand. So that's good =)!

Another thing is my Japanese. My Japanese teacher made me do a Japanese test. I had to translate written sentences from Danish into Japanese. For example one of the sentences was this one: "My friend is holding a party tomorrow together with her younger sister". The translation is: Watashi no tomodachi wa imouto-san to ashita paati o shimasu (literally: me (possessive marker) friend (topic marker) little sister (the -san ending then changes it to another's little sister) ('also included' marker) tomorrow party (object marker) make). NOT exactly easy, eh??

But I did alright! And now I've just skipped a whole year. And I'm at level 2. And wow, it's tough. The first lesson today was kind of 'what the fuck, what am I doing here' :P. But luckily I learnt quickly and during the second half of the lesson I started answering questions and stuff too. The teacher was really evil, hehe. She kept asking me to read out my answers for the class. But I did alright and didn't answer (much) wrong. And I now have tons of homework for next week. There are a lot of words I need to brush up on, and our teacher even gave us a Japanese cross-words we have to do for next lesson. Intensive, but nice!

That team is way nicer than my old one. Much more fun people. And I made a new friend there too :D! He lived quite close to me, so we took the train back home together and we talked a lot. Fun, fun. He studies software enginerring at a place called DTU (The Danish Techical University). And I promised to bring a cake with me next time. I'll be sure to keep that.

I also went to a meeting today at our university bar. It was a kind of introduction to all the new prospective voluntary workers. We heard some short speeches about the different aspects of the work we do there, as well as played a fun game where us, who had worked there for some time, were blindfolded and then had to be guided around to different places of the bar by the new ones. I managed not to fall, and my "team" (each 'oldie' each had two 'newbies') had fun, so success ^^!

Tomorrow I have no lessons. Well, except a course that's supposed to help you understand biophysics better, but I don't really need that. But I do have a few things that day anyway. Washing (needed! I think my washing machine dream had to do with that, actually), a 7-hour shift in the bar and finishing the stuff I need for my application to the Australian university I'm applying for.

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