Sunday, 1 March 2009

One by one..

It's three o'clock in the night. And I'm not tired. I've done protein chemistry nearly all day. Interspersed with a few episodes of Lost, some gaming and watching the film Alien Versus Predator: Requiem (gross, as usual :P).

And as I sit here I remember more stuff from yesterday. I remember driving around in the middle of Copenhagen with a girl I had just met on her bike. And nearly being run down by a taxi. And having such a hard time keeping the balance with two people on one bike. And I remember the weird loft place where I got in for free because I had some friends on the guest list. Plus meeting some really weird looking goth people. Not just a bit weird. But long, neon green hair and black dresses. And no, it was not a costume party. And I remember that weird cellar room in the pub/bar. Where it seemed smoking pot and as many cigarettes as possible inside was perfectly allowed. People were drunk and or high, and you could speak with everyone. It was like a big college party with people shouting "CHEERS!!" all the time, and you would drink and cheer in unison.

And I found out through a person I also met that night (who studies medicine and even has lectures with me) that a girl from my old school in Belgium (who is one year older than me) ALSO studies medicine and also has lectures with me. Freaky stuff. I'm beginning to think that the world is actually pretty small. Or else I just know a lot of people. And they're all weirdly connected to everyone else I meet :P.

Curiously enough, my final word for today is that I'm happy.

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