Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Only if we watch together, everything, there's a flow

I've nearly finished Season 4 of Lost. And I've seen all the other seasons. But I don't really know if I like where the series is heading. From being only partly mysterious, now everything clearly has something to do with magic. And everyone is dying..

Yesterday, I met a Fillipine on my way home from the bus. She asked directions, and I showed her the way by following her to where I wanted to go. I wasn't in a hurry, so it was quite alright. We talked a bit about Denmark, and what she though of it. She had two main points: Cold, and way too much alcohol drinking :P. A bit my first impression when I moved here as well I guess :P.

I went playing badminton today. It was great fun. The two I hadn't played with before were actually quite good. Skilled. And I found out the girl had actually been playing it for five years. She had some wicked trick shots :P. We also played card, and with dice and stuff. It was really nice. I also can't decide if a girl likes me or not. She gives me weird looks, and only says good stuff about me, but she's also kind of withdrawn. I think she's way too shy to say or do anything obvious if she did like me. And the problem is, I don't know if she acts like that to everyone, or just to me. I've never been any good at finding stuff like this out. I wish someone would just ask her for me, so I could know for sure. Normally girls ask each other stuff like that :P. Now.. where can I find a girl that could get this kind of information for me..

And I found out that I don't have classes tomorrow. Yay :D. So I can relax almost the whole day. I've planned more badminton, because I won't have time on Friday because of a long day at the university. Tomorrow evening I'm also going to the cinema. Going to watch "Operation Valkyrie", the film about the attempted assassination of Hitler. I'm looking forward to it. I'm also really looking forward to it getting warmer, and I can feel it already.

At the end here, I'd like to express a certain feeling of being tossed about, out of control somehow..

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