Saturday, 25 April 2009

Momento da Paz

The allergy is really beginning to get annoying. Stupid birch trees. Why do they have to release such a MASSIVE amount of pollen compared to ALL other trees. They want to show off or something? I wonder why you don't just kill every birch tree on the planet. They aren't that special at all.

Stupid allergy makes me have to take breaks about every half hour, frankly because I nearly go blind by having my eyes open. After about twenty minutes I start getting very nearsighted, as a result of some yet unknown thing that the pollen does to my eyes. And then it's kind of hard doing anything.

I'm trying to do a presentation on the respiratory system's anatomy while writing this. It's boring. I've learned how asthma works though. Mucus in the bronchies constrict the airflow, and asthma medicine works by both making the muscles in the bronchies relax as well as removing the excess production of mucus. Yay.

This presentation is probably going to be boring once I finish. It's just not possible to make it fun with a subject like this. I kind of just want to get it over with, and not spend huge amounts of work on it, like I've done on other presentations before. So it'll just be short and concise I guess. I can't even do a lot of animations, because I'm not the one standing near the computer..

Over and out.

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