Saturday, 2 January 2010

Happy New Year

So, it's the 1st of January today. Entering the new year, end of the 00's, beginning of the 10's. It sounds kind of weird.

I had a nice enough Christmas in Norway. Got nice presents, had lots of fun with my Norwegian cousins and got fed so much food you wouldn't believe it. Weird how grandparents always want you to eat non-stop :P. My Norwegian family was also a bit obsessed with calling me "the poor student" and giving me money, food and nearly everything they thought I remotely needed. One of the last days, I told my grandmother I really liked a picture she had put up in her kitchen of a rooster. It took 5 minutes, then she had the picture packed into a protective wrap and gave it to me as a present. I was a bit shocked, but very happy. I really like the picture =).

It was a bit too cold in Norway for me though. The day we left it was -20 degrees, and that temperature made your eyes hurt because it was so cold. Not exactly enjoyable.

Also finished reading the book "The Game". It was quite good, but really not what I had expected actually. When I first heard of it, I thought it would be some kind of "how-to" guide for getting girls, but it was more like a personal story of how that kind of community came to be, and how it got way out of control for quite a few people. There are very few mentions of actual techniques that these kind of pick-up societies use, and the book focuses way much more on personal relationships and the pursuit of true happiness. At the same time, it's pretty cool that the author has actually experienced all the things written about in the book - it's a true story.

After having returned home from Norway, I went with three friends to see a sort of Christmas play in the amusement park Tivoli in Copenhagen. It was fun, but not that special. It contained mostly lame comedy, and it was nothing compared to the play I saw earlier this year.

Slept at one of the guy's places afterwards because I was a bit stressed out by my parents who were (and still are) living with me in my apartment while they're in Denmark for New Year. I don't like that I have to sleep in my own living room because there's not enough space without them both sleeping in my normal bed. But well, it was all right, even though he did annoy me a bit like he usually does. Maybe I was just really, really tired, because I hadn't slept well for many days. And it didn't make it better that the guy snores and literally moans in his sleep. And when I suddenly wake up and find him sitting up in his bed staring right into my face I was a bit freaked out to put it mildly. When I asked "what the hell are you doing?" he looked really confused and said "argh, I.. mumble, mumble.." and then he turned over and didn't say a word. Weird, to say the least.

New Year was quite nice. First had a dinner together with two friends. It was really good. We all got very drunk and had some quite weird and personal conversations. I learned a lot of private stuff, and I told a lot myself too. It was a very happy atmosphere though. I was very drunk that night, and there are still things that suddenly come back to me. I normally don't forget what has happened during a night, but this time a few things are a bit misty.

I remember one of the guys suddenly handing me his phone and telling me "My sister wants to talk to you". I was like "what the fuck", but it was true. The guy had called her to wish her happy new year. But the first thing she had told him was: "I want to speak to _my name goes here_". Quite funny :P. She didn't want to say anything serious, she just wanted to ask how I was doing and wish me happy new year. I was kind of surprised though. Seriously, I've only ever said hi to her once. But it's still kind of cool :P. Couldn't help feeling a bit proud of myself for nothing in particular xD.

When the time was around 1 o'clock or so, we headed towards a college where another friend of mine had invited us to a party. It was quite a bit away though, and we were very drunk. That friend had called me a few times because it was getting quite late, and I remember agreeing that we wouldn't go to sleep that night. I think agreements like that are cursed. I have only once made an agreement like that before, and it ended with me throwing up and kind of fainting. It nearly happened again this time.

As we headed towards the bus stop where we thought we could get the bus that went near his college, spirits were high and we were all very pleasantly drunk, heh. The weather was insanely cold though. Anyway, after having stood there talking for quite a while we suddenly realise that the bus doesn't stop at this stop. Yep. So we proceed to walk/run/waddle to the next stop. The running was NOT a good idea. The two others needed to buy some stuff at a petrol station that was near the stop, so we took a halt there. And I started feeling queasy. Real nauseous. Not fun.

I did not throw up. But god damn it was close. Just this part is really difficult for me to remember, because that was probably my most drunk moment of the night. I didn't have any more beer or alcohol for the rest of the night. I luckily know where my limit is =). Somehow we decide to take a taxi instead, because it takes forever to wait for the bus and it's insanely cold. I discover that I have wet pockets in my coat, because somehow I have spilt beer in my own two pockets. I still do not understand how it happened.

We arrive at the college in drunken states, and I really feel like just going to bed. But it doesn't happen; my friend doesn't allow it :P. We HAD made an agreement not to go to bed, he tells me. And he won't allow me to go :P. So I just wait around for a little while until I finally start feeling all right again. After that I can finally be more normal, and I do have a lot of fun. I remember dancing, playing ping-pong (very weird) and table football and lots of talking to people. At some later time the two friends I had come with leave, but I stay for a while longer. Together with my friend and another of his friends, we're among the last few to leave. I'm so happy it was only about 100 metres to bed =).

I don't remember how I slept, but I didn't get THAT much sleep, I remember. Next day I helped clean the place we had been the night before. I generally felt queasy nearly the whole day, and I do not feel like drinking any time soon. Kind of too bad that our annual university Christmas dinner is next week :/..

Today (Saturday - I wrote this blog post over two days) I started working a bit again. My dad and me created a budget for me in Excel, so I can see how much I earn and have in expenses each month. It's pretty useful to see how much I can spend if I want to.

Tomorrow I'm taking a complete free day (I'll work a bit too of course, but my main priority is relaxing).

I also just found out that Google is launching their own iPhone-like telephone: The Nexus One. It looks really cool, and people are saying that it's going to be the true competitor to the iPhone.


  1. Remind me, what play did you see last year?

    I still wonder how you can manage to spill beer in both pockets...

    I'm going to tell everyone that you have a picture of a cock :P

  2. Did you try doing a search for "play" using the nifty search button on the right, that I spoke about in a post some time ago :P? Come on, try to find the play's name, and if you can do it, I'll give you half a watermelon!!

    I don't understand the thing with the beers in both pockets either. I've tried talking with some people about it, and we can explain one pocket (something with a beer inside the bus - it's rather complicated :P)

    And I have a picture of a ROOSTER :P. Or a hen. I don't really know. Some kind of chicken anyway. And I deliberately used rooster for fuck's sake xD. Do not destroy my careful wording :P!

    I'll see if I can't post a picture of the painting in my next post. I just wish I had a working camera other than my crappy mobile phone or web cam :/..