Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Just a single one

Sorry, for not posting a picture of the cockerel today. Still haven't acquired a camera to take the picture with. I just wanted to write this post to remember the most crazy dream I've had in a long time.

I remember I was in a train together with two guys from university. It was a train you slept in, for long-distance journeys, and we three shared a room. One of the guys looked like he does today, while the other looked like he maybe did 5 years ago or so, as a teenager.

We were talking about the time where we had been on fresher's week at "the huge castle". One of the guys told me that he had been lucky enough to get a sleeping spot inside the castle. I then said that I had been one of the unlucky ones in the groups that had to sleep outside in the open air (in sleeping bags) in the huge park surrounding the castle.

As I say this, I suddenly find myself in this great big park outside the castle, that we were talking about. I'm in my sleeping bag, and as I wake up and get out of the bag, I feel a bit annoyed that I have to sleep outside. I walk a bit around and I find that it's now night, and there's a party going on. I enter the castle which is huge, but cosy (more like a big building than an actual stone castle). I walk around in the corridors without any real destination, I think. But then I realise it's time to leave with the train.

Now I'm back in the train again. But as I lay there in my bed on the train, the ground floor underneath suddenly disappear and I see we are driving extremely high above the ground, on a sort of traffic overpass. for trains. Sort of like rails suspended over a busy motorway. I don't exactly feel safe about this. If we fall down from our beds, we'll fall right through and about 100 metres down to the ground. I know this is normal for trains, but I still ask the others "why does it HAVE to do this?".

When I say this, a floor appears. But it's not a normal floor. It's more like a permanent floor which is stable relative to the TRACKS! Meaning that the train is actually driving over a non-moving floor. Which is complete with tables and drawers and everything. But it's rushing by quite quickly obviously. We get annoyed, because it's really dangerous to get down from our beds and go to the toilet. We might get crushed by the moving tables going against the opposite wall. To me it looked like the tables and floor were simply appearing out of one wall of our sleeping cabin, moving to the other end of the room, and disappearing there. It was quite an eerie effec, which I thought of as completely natural.

Soon, however, our train makes a halt, and we're allowed outside to stretch our legs. As I go outside a get a bit separated from the others and go down a short alley I find. At the end some small patches of grass. And on these patches reside a lot of lazy birds. But two of them appear dead. A sort of yellow, quite fat and cute one, and another that looks a bit like a chicken. I feel sorry for them and went to help them. So I go and right them up (they were lying down). At first I'm annoyed that nothing happens, but then I realise that they're simply moving sideways (walking straight up a tree for example). One of them walks straight into the interior of a bus, and I feel happy for it, because now I know it will be taken care of by the people there (who were also from the trip - they just are taking a bus instead of the train). The other bird stays with the others in a little but more normal semi-upright position (it was standing on a grass mound, so it was standing about 30 degrees more slanted than usual).

But now it's time for the trains and buses to leave! The bus leaves in front of me, but I know I wasn't on the bus so I don't stress, but I know I have to get to the train. As I get to the platform though, the train leaves right in front of me. I fly to the door (yes, I often simply leap into the air, and fly after stuff in my dream), but when I reach the door handle it slips out of my hand (for some reason my hands are slippery). The train then speeds away, and I know I can't fly any faster. Yet.

I realise that this is a dream then. So I decide that, if I close my eyes, I can move time backwards. I blink, and sure enough the train is back where it was. But once I fly for it, it speeds up. I repeat this a couple of times, but the train keeps speeding up right before I reach it and getting away. I realise that it's simple not possible for me to catch the train in this way, since it's not meant to be. The universe remembers that I didn't catch the train there, so I won't be able to.

Instead I decide to fly along over the city following the tracks. Soon I reach the most amazing structure I have ever dreamt about in any dream. It's unlike anything I have ever seen before. It's supposed to be a sort of huge traffic crossing. But it's in many different colours according to what road you've taken into the crossing, it's comprised of over 10 roads intersecting, it's floating in the air and gravity doesn't work in it. The cars and trains are arriving from all possible 3-dimensional directions. It looks sort of like a huge complicated ball of string. But with sleekly coloured roads leading into it, and ingeniously fitting together so as to create a navigationable network. It really is hard to describe, I was speechless when I woke up afterwards :P. You should have been there! Or maybe you were..

As I watch, the train enters a light green ramp and is lost in the middle of the crossing, which I can't see. I follow the green road from above but I somehow become distracted. And then suddenly I can't find it any more. The roads more look like strands to me now since I'm quite high up. I lose my spirits a bit and descend to the bottom of the structure.

Here I find a big ramp which sort of looks like a water slide that you find in water theme parks. And sure enough, when I look up, I see that the bottom of the huge structure is meant to be a water slide for kids. I don't know why, but the start of the water slide seems to be much higher up, than where you are allowed to enter it. I remember thinking that it's a necessary precaution.

As I once again take flight, I come to another curious structure. It looks sort of like a windsock (you know, those red and white coloured, cone-shaped pieces of cloth that you find at airports and such, which tell you the wind direction), and is directly connected to one of the coloured road-"strands". As I watch a sort of cone-shaped object enters the sock. And as it does a change comes over the strand. Like a wave, the colours of the strand change to bright yellow. I realise that this is done so that you can't simply follow one strand with the eye. The colours change periodically. And I know that yellow is the right colour for finding the train. So I chase after it.

Then my dreams become muddy, and I soon wake up.

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Happy New Year

So, it's the 1st of January today. Entering the new year, end of the 00's, beginning of the 10's. It sounds kind of weird.

I had a nice enough Christmas in Norway. Got nice presents, had lots of fun with my Norwegian cousins and got fed so much food you wouldn't believe it. Weird how grandparents always want you to eat non-stop :P. My Norwegian family was also a bit obsessed with calling me "the poor student" and giving me money, food and nearly everything they thought I remotely needed. One of the last days, I told my grandmother I really liked a picture she had put up in her kitchen of a rooster. It took 5 minutes, then she had the picture packed into a protective wrap and gave it to me as a present. I was a bit shocked, but very happy. I really like the picture =).

It was a bit too cold in Norway for me though. The day we left it was -20 degrees, and that temperature made your eyes hurt because it was so cold. Not exactly enjoyable.

Also finished reading the book "The Game". It was quite good, but really not what I had expected actually. When I first heard of it, I thought it would be some kind of "how-to" guide for getting girls, but it was more like a personal story of how that kind of community came to be, and how it got way out of control for quite a few people. There are very few mentions of actual techniques that these kind of pick-up societies use, and the book focuses way much more on personal relationships and the pursuit of true happiness. At the same time, it's pretty cool that the author has actually experienced all the things written about in the book - it's a true story.

After having returned home from Norway, I went with three friends to see a sort of Christmas play in the amusement park Tivoli in Copenhagen. It was fun, but not that special. It contained mostly lame comedy, and it was nothing compared to the play I saw earlier this year.

Slept at one of the guy's places afterwards because I was a bit stressed out by my parents who were (and still are) living with me in my apartment while they're in Denmark for New Year. I don't like that I have to sleep in my own living room because there's not enough space without them both sleeping in my normal bed. But well, it was all right, even though he did annoy me a bit like he usually does. Maybe I was just really, really tired, because I hadn't slept well for many days. And it didn't make it better that the guy snores and literally moans in his sleep. And when I suddenly wake up and find him sitting up in his bed staring right into my face I was a bit freaked out to put it mildly. When I asked "what the hell are you doing?" he looked really confused and said "argh, I.. mumble, mumble.." and then he turned over and didn't say a word. Weird, to say the least.

New Year was quite nice. First had a dinner together with two friends. It was really good. We all got very drunk and had some quite weird and personal conversations. I learned a lot of private stuff, and I told a lot myself too. It was a very happy atmosphere though. I was very drunk that night, and there are still things that suddenly come back to me. I normally don't forget what has happened during a night, but this time a few things are a bit misty.

I remember one of the guys suddenly handing me his phone and telling me "My sister wants to talk to you". I was like "what the fuck", but it was true. The guy had called her to wish her happy new year. But the first thing she had told him was: "I want to speak to _my name goes here_". Quite funny :P. She didn't want to say anything serious, she just wanted to ask how I was doing and wish me happy new year. I was kind of surprised though. Seriously, I've only ever said hi to her once. But it's still kind of cool :P. Couldn't help feeling a bit proud of myself for nothing in particular xD.

When the time was around 1 o'clock or so, we headed towards a college where another friend of mine had invited us to a party. It was quite a bit away though, and we were very drunk. That friend had called me a few times because it was getting quite late, and I remember agreeing that we wouldn't go to sleep that night. I think agreements like that are cursed. I have only once made an agreement like that before, and it ended with me throwing up and kind of fainting. It nearly happened again this time.

As we headed towards the bus stop where we thought we could get the bus that went near his college, spirits were high and we were all very pleasantly drunk, heh. The weather was insanely cold though. Anyway, after having stood there talking for quite a while we suddenly realise that the bus doesn't stop at this stop. Yep. So we proceed to walk/run/waddle to the next stop. The running was NOT a good idea. The two others needed to buy some stuff at a petrol station that was near the stop, so we took a halt there. And I started feeling queasy. Real nauseous. Not fun.

I did not throw up. But god damn it was close. Just this part is really difficult for me to remember, because that was probably my most drunk moment of the night. I didn't have any more beer or alcohol for the rest of the night. I luckily know where my limit is =). Somehow we decide to take a taxi instead, because it takes forever to wait for the bus and it's insanely cold. I discover that I have wet pockets in my coat, because somehow I have spilt beer in my own two pockets. I still do not understand how it happened.

We arrive at the college in drunken states, and I really feel like just going to bed. But it doesn't happen; my friend doesn't allow it :P. We HAD made an agreement not to go to bed, he tells me. And he won't allow me to go :P. So I just wait around for a little while until I finally start feeling all right again. After that I can finally be more normal, and I do have a lot of fun. I remember dancing, playing ping-pong (very weird) and table football and lots of talking to people. At some later time the two friends I had come with leave, but I stay for a while longer. Together with my friend and another of his friends, we're among the last few to leave. I'm so happy it was only about 100 metres to bed =).

I don't remember how I slept, but I didn't get THAT much sleep, I remember. Next day I helped clean the place we had been the night before. I generally felt queasy nearly the whole day, and I do not feel like drinking any time soon. Kind of too bad that our annual university Christmas dinner is next week :/..

Today (Saturday - I wrote this blog post over two days) I started working a bit again. My dad and me created a budget for me in Excel, so I can see how much I earn and have in expenses each month. It's pretty useful to see how much I can spend if I want to.

Tomorrow I'm taking a complete free day (I'll work a bit too of course, but my main priority is relaxing).

I also just found out that Google is launching their own iPhone-like telephone: The Nexus One. It looks really cool, and people are saying that it's going to be the true competitor to the iPhone.

Monday, 21 December 2009

Are you a friend of the hidden society?

Yay, it's nearly Christmas now. I'm looking forward to going to Norway and spending some time with my family there. Exams are well over and they went well. I feel a bit weird about things though. This vacation didn't come as that big an elation as I had hoped. I still have two days to prepare for the trip to Norway, and I need to buy one more Christmas present as well as wrapping up the other gifts I bought.

This may sound weird, but I'm actually looking a lot forward to going to Australia, if I'm accepted. I miss the different culture from my old school. Talked on the phone today with a girl from my old class who studies in London. She told me that they have a very different mentality there. Plus they're all my age. It should be the same in Australia.

Another reason I want to go, is that I'm a bit tired of some people at my university. And two of my friends seem to be considering switching courses and taking medicine instead. I really hope that they decide against it. With such a small amount of people in our course it's bad if people switch. I already had two other friends change over to medicine, and there's a limit to how many personalities that I can become friends with.

Events these past many days: Not a whole lot. Went to a nice dinner with a group from my university this Friday. And yesterday went to the annual Christmas dinner of our bar group. I got very drunk, and had lots of fun. I was one of the last three people to leave =). I remember really weird things happening. Like a Christmas tree suddenly appearing on top of a guy's head at 2 o'clock in the night, and dancing around in our university canteen singing Christmas songs. I'm a bit sad that there were some girls who could all remember my name and even though they told me their names too, I just couldn't remember when one of them asked me later. She got quite upset at that, and I was like "argh" afterwards. I don't like when stuff like that happens.

There's been a lot of snow here these days. It's nice when the wind isn't blowing, but it becomes way too cold when it is. A few days ago I experienced something really weird. A kind of midnight sunshine. But the light didn't come from the Sun. It was kind of really bright, golden moonlight being reflected by the snow. At 3 o'clock in the night it was brighter outside than it is during the day. It was really weird and cool. I just sat in my room and watched it for almost half an hour.

I also had a strange and exciting experience. I was once very interested in the phenomenon of astral travel, and still am to a lesser extent. Astral travel is a type of out-of-body experience. It involves you consciously deciding to "separate" from your body before falling asleep. If you can do it, you can travel around in a kind of parallel plane called the astral plane. Here you can fly, teleport and move through things and stuff. It's said to be a really impressive experience. Well, whether you believe it's a real plane or not, there's substantial evidence that the phenomenon can be experienced. And I really don't care whether it's just a hallucination or a real out of this world magic thing.

There exist a number of techniques out there to reach the goal of actually leaving your body. By leaving your body, it's not literally stepping out of your body, of course - it's more like your consciousness leaving your body and being free. It's said that your consciousness takes the shape of a silvery body much like your own (but with some minor differences) and that it's attached to your real, physical body, through a silver cord attached to you. It might seem dangerous, but really, it's not. The minute you start worrying about if it's dangerous, or if you can't get back, you re-enter your body and wake up.

I've had very limited success with these techniques in the past. Actually no real success to be honest. I always end up falling asleep when using them. I have had episodes where I just accidentally entered states that are "pre-astral travel" though. These are really weird. I've had two types so far. In one of them you suddenly can see the room you're in even though you know your eyes are closed. You can't really move either and it's as if you have no body. You aren't asleep, but not awake either. It's sort of like a mix between the two. I usually wake up pretty quickly from this, and afterwards curse myself because I didn't use the chance to advance the state into a real astral projection.

The other state is kind of scary and I have only tried that a very few times. In this experience you suddenly see very clearly around you, as if your eyes are open. But you can't move at all, and it feels like there's a heavy pressure everywhere around you. It might seem like you're not breathing and it feels like you're fainting non-stop. It's a feeling of very light-headedness and not being able to do or say anything. The first time I had this experience I wondered if I was dying or something, and it was really scary. Panicking is what makes me wake up those times. The really weird thing comes when you open your eyes and see exactly the same as you saw when you had your eyes closed and as you slowly realise you can move yourself again.

A few weeks ago though, I third kind of experience, and that's the closest I've ever come to an astral projection. I had taken a midday nap. And for some reason the dream was EXTREMELY lucid. I was very much aware of myself and my mind wasn't clouded like it usually is, when you're dreaming. I remember running across a huge field with a really bright and warm sun shining above me. I see everything in great detail, feel the warmth as if it was real and I can hear my footsteps perfectly. I actually thought that inside the dream. I knew I was half-asleep, and that my mind was slipping to the state of becoming unaware it's a dream.

But suddenly I came to a cross-roads. I had the choice of taking the right path into a cool, dark forest (it didn't feel scary at all though), or the left past into a bright, sunny village. I instantly think: "I'm going to go into the forest because I love dreams taking place in forests - plus it's what I should do". But then suddenly I decide to go to the village instead, because I feel really happy in the sunshine. I'm pretty sure, that if I had chosen the forest, I would have lost myself in the dream and slipped away from this lucid state.

As I turn left a thought suddenly occurs to me: "This is about time to go astral travelling". The instant I think this something REALLY weird happens. Suddenly my viewpoint zooms away from the ground and I watch myself standing in the field from really high up. Then it becomes really dark, and it doesn't feel like I'm dreaming any more. I'm still asleep though. Then suddenly I reach the stage that comes right before you leave your body. You feel something called the "vibrations". There's a lot of talk about how it feels on the internet. I can't really explain it. It's sort of like a very real tingling sensation in your whole body - as if it was charged full of electricity. When I started feeling that, I thought: "Shit, I'm not prepared for this - it's actually happening". And then of course I became scared, and opened my eyes. I cursed myself for letting yet another chance pass me by and then tried to reach the state again but failed.

It's funny that I always have these experiences during afternoon naps, and never at night. It's probably because it's much easier to reach that half awake half asleep state, when you're not mentally prepared for a full night's sleep. I hope that one day, though, I'll succeed in performing a full astral projection. I think it depends a lot on luck for me. I'm very bad at visualising, and a lot of the techniques normally used for inducing the heightened state before sleep requires you to imagine certain images in your head. And I just can't seem to do that.

Well, that'll be all for today. Hopefully I'll start updating this blog regularly again, now that I'm finished with that insanely intensive course. Lastly, I'm giving you a picture to think a bit about. It's not a faked photo, and the English translation accurately reflects what is written in Japanese next to it (I translated it just to check). And no, hehe, it's not a joke or some kind of theme park attraction.

Sunday, 22 November 2009

I like to make myself believe

Wow, it's been nearly a month since my last post. That must mean I've been lazy, I guess.

Well, it's not entirely true. I've just been so damn busy with university. This course "Cell Biology" is kind of a nightmare. You need to read in three different books all the time, do exercises non-stop, prepare for classes and experiments plus write lab reports. This course contains both cell anatomy, biophysics, biochemistry, histology, a bit of signal transduction and genetics in one single bumper version of doom. We have no holidays until Christmas and our last holiday was the summer vacations. There's also no free time before the exams, so we have absolutely no time to read besides the exercises and lab reports we have to do all the time. And did I tell you we have three exams? Yep, first a 4-hour mix-mash exam of all the aforementioned subjects minus genetics. Then a 2-hour genetics exam and finally a 20-minute practical microscopy exam, where we have to diagnose 10 different tissues just by looking at it for 2 minutes through the microscope (example: "This is an exocrine seromucuous merocrine gland with endocrine islets containing trabecular structure"). It'll be quite a mouthful. And it all starts the day after my birthday.. Meaning the day everyone is most stressed including myself, will be this day. I've heard it said by older students that 40% of all students attending this course, fail. Goddamn it.

So I've started reading every day, as much as possible. It takes about one hour to read 20 pages in one of the books, so it's seriously tough going. I'm rarely this serious with studying. I didn't use to have to really study much to do well before. I guess the difficulty is finally catching up :P.

I've also become a fan of a band called "Owl City". The first song I heard by the was this one. I also like their song "Vanilla Twilight" and "Saltwater Room" a whole lot.

What have I done other than school-related stuff lately? Not a whole lot to be honest. I've been to the theatre, an art exhibition, a board game night and a LAN night. I also went to a huge anime convention with two friends from my Japanese course. There I bought a hood with cat ears. Pictures from there can be found on Facebook for those who know me. I've been to the cinema to watch "Inglorious Basterds", been to two parties and applied for half a year of studying in Australia.

I've also had the nastiest virus ever, which had me resulting in having to reinstall Windows. And then discovering that it had managed to copy itself to my external harddrive and infect the pc once again. It was one of the worst virus types around, I discovered. The type is called Virut; it copies itself to all other programs it can find (so even stuff like your own antivirus or your task manager begin creating the virus). And it's polymorphic - changing itself all the time. Luckily I managed to stop it the second time around before all hell broke lose (again). And my pc is back to reinstalled normal. Good thing I have all the important stuff backed up. Probably all my passwords are compromised now.. Meh.

Well, I'm off to bed after this rather meek post. Tomorrow I have the final lab report of this course to write. It's about our gene manipulation experiment. Yay..

I'll find something interesting to write about once this is all over!!

Sunday, 25 October 2009

It's getting cold outside

Wow, I've been neglecting this place a bit lately it seems (two weeks since last post). It's not like that many huge things have happened anyway. I'm tired almost every day, and I don't get a lot done other than school related stuff. There's still tons of working on reports and trying to catch up with the reading to be done.

My dream log helped me finally get less vivid dreams, so I'm a bit less drained when waking up. I've had a few dreams since my last entry, but I haven't really had the energy or time to write it all down, since the dreams are usually complex and long. I remember the one from this night, for example, but it was in two "chapters" and would be way too long to write down.

I got some really, really huge bills this month (let's just say that if I had no income at all this month I would have to pay my total savings simply in bills), so I'm getting a loan. It's not really that I can't afford to pay the bills (since I DO have an income) but it's a way of saving up for my (hopeful) half-year trip to Australia next autumn. A good things with bills is that I have now learned to keep my electricity usage down (advice: do NOT use electric floor heating unless you're prepared to quadruple your energy bill).

Of noteworthy events these past weeks are:
  • Going to the theatre to watch a kind of "theatre concert", which was really cool. 
  • Learning that some of the things we study are governed by quantum mechanic laws meaning we can only change something "with a certain probability". For example a certain membrane gate that only opens when certain conditions are met, might suddenly open anyway, just for the heck of it - I like the idea that the probability of seemingly impossible things are more than 0.
  • Watching Inglorious Basterds in the cinema with two friends.
  • Writing a secret coded email that could result in a cake or three beers.
  • Biking to Japanese class with a huge chocolate cake (I really, really love those Japanese classes).
  • Reconsidering some people from university.
  • Getting addicted to this ridiculous song: LINK HERE
  • Had a meeting with my employers where I got a new task, I will be doing for some time now. It's not the most interesting of tasks, but it's easy, and I won't have to think about what I'm doing, so it's alright. And the pay is the same, so I won't complain :P. The meeting took over 3 hours, of which about 2,5 were spent just talking about random stuff and hearing stories of their time working at hospitals. It was really nice. Some of the stories were really unbelievable :P.
 I've become a bit tired of all the work lately, and it's become harder and harder for me to pull myself together and read in our huge cell biology book. I've also put in a lot of effort in the report writing. Perhaps more than I should have. Although I let the others in their group do their part, I always end up reading through their part so thoroughly that I understand everything better than the ones who do the part. It's hard work, but rewarding in the end I guess, because it's really good preparation for the exams. This way I also can help them point out where they make mistakes and explaining to others is the best way to learn things for yourself.

Now for something else. Have you ever wondered if people really think like you? Perhaps they're just there for you, and you're the only person in the world that really thinks. They would be kind of like robots, and would be nothing but an outside shell reacting like machines. Insanely complicated machines maybe, but still just following a strict program. Would that then mean, that since there were no thoughts behind people, that your actions would have no true consequences?

No, of course not. It wouldn't make a difference if everyone actually were robots. We have no way to tell if people actually think like we do. But just the idea that people are actually robots is enough to make us feel like what we do wouldn't matter. It frees our conscience to imagine that other people just react to our actions by instinct, and not by conscious thought like our own. Isn't that kind of weird..

Monday, 5 October 2009


Well, now it's October. And it's getting really cold outside once again. I'm not exactly happy about it. And it doesn't help a whole lot that it seems my room heater isn't working properly. It just seems to not turn on. And it's a water radiator, so it isn't just so easy to fix. Well, I'll wait until next week to go and complain to my apartment complex' janitor.

This week was eventful indeed. I managed to bake a cake for my Japanese class, and they liked it. It was a bit stressful to actually go and fetch the cake. The day before I had submitted my application for studying half a year in Australia (I'll get the answer sometime in December), and to celebrate it we went to our university bar to get a beer before going home. Somehow we ended up playing games and suddenly it was kind of late. I hurried to the bus stop, where I soon understood that the bus had been early, and had not waited. So I had to wait 20 minutes for the next bus. I ran all the way home from the bus stop, grabbed the cake I had made the day before. Then I ran to the train station. Took the train to Copenhagen again and hurried to class. I was 5 minutes late, but the cake made up for it. I was kind of exhausted at that point, so I wasn't exactly brilliant in class. But well, it was only my second class on the advanced course, so I think it's alright.

At the end of the lesson we get a Japanese essay for homework. This was kind of crazy, and I liked it. I've already done the essay now. It's really a nice idea to think I've become good enough to write short Japanese essays. It's not something I would have imagined a few years ago =). I'll spare you the posting of that essay here. Suffice is to say that it's about a girl from Thailand named Sally, and that she likes looking at stars on Sunday nights, when she isn't studying or sleeping.

It's been some really tough days lately. Up at 6.30 and home late. This Friday went from 6.30 to 5 or so the next morning. Yep, lessons at the university from 8 to 16 first. We were kind of smashed, and there was to be this huge October party at our university bar later so our minds were really drifting. I hate having classes on Fridays anyway :P.

All the boys from our year had planned a really huge lunch. And we had all brought tonnes of food. Seriously, I don't even think we managed to eat half it. But it was really cool, and so much fun. We had speeches and sung dinner songs and lots of people smiled and laughed at us, hehe. We even had our own T-shirts that someone had brought for us :P. Afterwards we went to the medicine university bar and had a single beer before our last classes for that day (we had no classes from 12 to 14, so this was when we had the huge lunch). The medicine university bar was completely packed already there at 13.30, it was kind of crazy. Everyone were drinking like it was midnight or something, even while the sun was shining through the windows. It was kind of weird. Someone had brought packets of biscuits, and we played a completely ridiculous game with those biscuits, where you had to see how many of them you could stuff into your mouth without swallowing. It was hilarious, because you couldn't swallow the biscuits because they completely dried out your mouth. So you're stuck with a mouth full of dry biscuits that you can't do anything with in the end. And you're nearly throwing up because they're poking the back of your throat. Not surprisingly the floor was completely littered with biscuit crumbs afterwards. But it was fun :P..!

After the last lesson I went home to get some much needed sleep for about 1 hour before going to the October party. I didn't even manage to get any dinner. I met up at the station with a friend from university and we had a beer on our way to the bar. It was packed. And people were drunk. Not surprisingly. They had been selling half a litre of German beer for 5kr. (about 0,7€) in the afternoon. It was crazy. They had sold shitloads of beer, and had even had queues outside the bar. It wasn't that surprising though, we had done a lot of PR for this event (I had helped hang up posters everywhere all over the Northern University Campus - and others had gone around handing out flyers while dressed up as traditional Germans in beer festival costumes).

The friend I had gone with was worried that we wouldn't have fun, because we were still sober while the others were quite drunk. But I told him not to worry. And we really didn't have to either. I immediately enjoyed myself, even when not having drunk anything. Maybe I was just hyper from lack of sleep, but everyone were so happy and I couldn't help but feel just as happy myself. As the evening progressed I got some beer drunk myself of course, but I think I actually just paid for about one small flask beer myself. People just gave me beer all the time, it was crazy. The girl I had been together with some time ago was also at this party. And we ended up being together again :P. I don't really know what to think of it.

Heh, there were a lot of funny episodes that night. I remember having to go the toilet and two guys from my year suddenly come running shouting my name again and again while hugging me in a huge group hug while we're jumping up and down, haha. I remember a guy I had never seen before asking me if we could go pee together, hearing about how some of the new freshmen had been driven to the hospital after an accident (concerning jumping down stairs in a sort of stupid competition) and another one had had a street lamp fall onto him while walking outside. I also remember an episode where me and the girl, I was together with, sat talking to two new freshmen at a table. At some point we began kissing and after a few seconds it suddenly became quiet from the two others and when we looked back afterwards the two freshmen were also suddenly kissing. We couldn't stop laughing at that. It somehow seemed like they just wanted to follow our example xD.

I had a shift in the bar from midnight to two o'clock in the night, and boy was it busy. I've never made so many drinks before, and I've begun to really like it. It's actually great fun. At the beginning I was hesitant to mix drinks, because I could never find the right bottles. But I'm getting better to recognise them, and enjoying putting the stuff together.

At around 4 o'clock I took the bus home with a friend. The bus didn't go all the way to his own town because it was so late, so he ended up sleeping over at my place. Before going to sleep though, we went and had a kebab at a place right next to my apartment that I didn't even know was open that late. It was truly delicious. I had never tasted kebab before, and he smiled quite a lot at that. Quite a lot of people tend to smile at me when I tell them I have never tasted kebab before. But now I have!

The next day I didn't have a hangover. But I was very much tired. So I slept insanely long. I think I slept until 12:00. Then I went to bed at 13:00 again. Slept until 15:00. Then slept again from 16:00 to 18:00. Then I bicycled to a friend's dorm through completely torrential rain and near-zero temperature. When I arrived I was soaked like a drowned mouse. Well, we then ate dinner, and played computer with a whole lot of other guys until 5:30 the next morning. Yes, I realise that this is a very weird turn of the story. I then bicycled home while watching the slow sunrise and freezing my ass off. At least it wasn't raining.

The next morning I woke up at 15:00. My circadian rhythm is now completely fucked up. It's around midnight now, and I finally feel completely energised. But I just can't get myself to read any cell biology. It really requires a lot of energy. I'm now three weeks behind with reading, and I really don't like it..

Tomorrow is up again at 6.30 for another long day. Goddamn it.

Sunday, 4 October 2009

100th post

Hi there! Are you alright? You don't look so good. I was kind of wondering if you could do something for me though. Please? Can you make me a drink? It should contain a bit of friendliness and sincerity and be consistent without any regrets where applicable. It's important that it makes you smile and laugh and forget yourself. You can't do that, you say? Well, what can you do then? Ah, that's better. Thank you for your time. See you around, maybe!

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Together wisdom go for it, please!

Goddamn it I'm exhausted. I finally finished going through all of the stuff I had to do today at around 23:00. That's hell of a long day.

I'm still way behind with reading. But I think I can make it. These next weeks aren't that tough concerning the amount we have to read. I do have to do a report on a biophysics experiment we did about membranes for next Thursday, but I have it under control. I find it quite easy and natural to understand. So that's good =)!

Another thing is my Japanese. My Japanese teacher made me do a Japanese test. I had to translate written sentences from Danish into Japanese. For example one of the sentences was this one: "My friend is holding a party tomorrow together with her younger sister". The translation is: Watashi no tomodachi wa imouto-san to ashita paati o shimasu (literally: me (possessive marker) friend (topic marker) little sister (the -san ending then changes it to another's little sister) ('also included' marker) tomorrow party (object marker) make). NOT exactly easy, eh??

But I did alright! And now I've just skipped a whole year. And I'm at level 2. And wow, it's tough. The first lesson today was kind of 'what the fuck, what am I doing here' :P. But luckily I learnt quickly and during the second half of the lesson I started answering questions and stuff too. The teacher was really evil, hehe. She kept asking me to read out my answers for the class. But I did alright and didn't answer (much) wrong. And I now have tons of homework for next week. There are a lot of words I need to brush up on, and our teacher even gave us a Japanese cross-words we have to do for next lesson. Intensive, but nice!

That team is way nicer than my old one. Much more fun people. And I made a new friend there too :D! He lived quite close to me, so we took the train back home together and we talked a lot. Fun, fun. He studies software enginerring at a place called DTU (The Danish Techical University). And I promised to bring a cake with me next time. I'll be sure to keep that.

I also went to a meeting today at our university bar. It was a kind of introduction to all the new prospective voluntary workers. We heard some short speeches about the different aspects of the work we do there, as well as played a fun game where us, who had worked there for some time, were blindfolded and then had to be guided around to different places of the bar by the new ones. I managed not to fall, and my "team" (each 'oldie' each had two 'newbies') had fun, so success ^^!

Tomorrow I have no lessons. Well, except a course that's supposed to help you understand biophysics better, but I don't really need that. But I do have a few things that day anyway. Washing (needed! I think my washing machine dream had to do with that, actually), a 7-hour shift in the bar and finishing the stuff I need for my application to the Australian university I'm applying for.

Monday, 21 September 2009

The Continuous Dream

Just a quick post here.

In the recent development of my constant dreaming, I've finally decided to do a dream log. I've heard that writing down what you dream every time you remember is both healthy and fun. And it should also be fun for myself to read later on, I guess. If all goes well it'll also lead to more frequent lucid dreaming, which is of course always fun (lucid dreams are dreams where you are able to consciously control what happens). You can find the link on the right (under "Other blogs") or click here.

I've also added a sort of "reaction" comment thing underneath each post. So if you won't bother leaving a comment, you can at least put a checkmark in the box saying if you found the post funny, cool, boring, interesting, weird, stupid, clever or all of the above.
EDIT: I can't get that stupid thing to show more than three options, and I have a headache after looking through all that html coding to try and find the problem. Until I fix it I will just give three options to choose from. Weird, stupid/boring and cool. That should about cover every possible feeling you might have towards the post after having read it.

There's also a nifty little search box on the right if you for some weird reason want to search for just that special post that you can't quite remember the weird title of, but would like to read anyway.

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Quietly bouncing up and down

I'm really tired. No wonder, really, since it's 3 o'clock at night. Once again another Saturday gone by. Once again, I managed to read an impressive 0 pages. And once again, I have a lot of reading to look forward to tomorrow :P..

This week has been unremarkable in the occurrences of chronic weird dreams. I still remember my dreams every single time I sleep and they're as weird as ever. A few days ago, I dreamt I was a Russian paparazzi photographer who had learnt how to stop time by a special hand movement. I won't recount the plot of the dream (yeah, this one actually had one) but it had to do with global conspiracies, robots and me saving the world from a would-be dictator.

Believe it or not, but I'm actually getting a bit tired of remembering my dreams after every time I wake up. I wake up feeling a bit drained, still thinking about the weird stuff I dreamt. I hope I'll get back to normal soon.

Yesterday (Friday) was up early for lectures, then home and sleep a bit, and then I was off to a dinner with two friends. It was a feast, I tell you. We were only three people, and I dare say we'd made enough food for at least double that amount. And the food was exquisite. It's been a little time since I ate that much good food :D.

After that glorious dinner we went to the theatre. I'd never been to the theatre before. And it was truly great. It was a comedy called "Dwindle" ("Skrump") and it's truly a long time since I've laughed that much. It was epic, and I loved every minute of it. It even had a famous Danish actor in it that I knew, and that made the experience even better.

Afterwards one of the two other friends I saw the play with had to go home, and it was only me and the other guy. We decided we would only drink a single beer and then head on home. Well, I really wanted to see a bar I had heard a lot about, called Wall Street. But we couldn't find it. So we wandered a bit around aimlessly, talking and seeing a bit of Copenhagen by night. After a while we decided to just head into the next pub/bar we saw. And that place happened to be an Irish pub called "The Dubliner". And what a cool place! Really nice area with loads of decorations and a really weird, huge, circular window in the ceiling. Plus a live band that played epicly well. And they made the best Guinness I've ever tasted. Seriously, it was good. I could have drunk ten of them. It's got to be the only beer where I actually like the foam as much as the beer. It's truly delicious if the beer is well poured. And the bird in the picture is really cool too!

And well, one beer somehow became many. We were enjoying ourselves a lot and after the first promised beer it was suggested we had another. And well, suddenly it was around 3 o'clock or so (I had no idea what time it was, but I remember getting to bed around 5 o'clock). And we were both a bit/quite/very drunk. I had left my backpack at the guy's appartment (it was the same place we had the huge dinner) so I had to go by his place first. And once I got there it was so late and he kind of commanded me to sleep over :P. I really couldn't be bothered to take the bus all the way home at that point either, so I was happy to oblige. We drank some more beer, had some cake and leftovers from the dinner, talked and watched TV.

First we watched a French TV channel. It was really weird hearing French again. It was a random program about a fishing boat in France. Afterwards we chanced upon an episode of MacGyver. It was truly ridiculous. After having seen him in a Family Guy episode I had always thought MacGyver was just a joke character, but he actually is from a serious series (haha, sounded funny). And he can seriously make weapons from the most ridiculous things. In this episode he set fire to a pine cone and tossed it under a car, and the car promptly exploded. I mean, come on. He could probably make an atom bomb from a used pencil and three bent nails.

The next morning I awoke by myself at 8 o'clock. That meant I had slept little over 3 hours. But I didn't feel tired. Just a slight hangover. On my way home I was met by quite a lot of looks. It might be connected to the fact that I was dressed way too nicely for a normal day. One good thing though, was that I now have semi-short hair, and since I use wax to mess it up, it hides morning hair really well. So I didn't look completely hopeless =).

As I came home home, I immediately went to bed and awoke about 6 hours later with one hour to spare before a friend came visiting. Change of clothes, shower etc. Then off to badminton for one and a half hours and another huge dinner. It was really nice.

I do realise that this post has been quite full of snippets. I'm just so goddamn tired, so I can't be bothered to connect things in any real meaningful way. I'm so tired I'm even starting to see things. On my way home on bicycle from the friend's place I sometimes thought I saw people in the shadows. That they might actually have been real people is another matter. It was Saturday and 2 AM, so it was absolutely possible.

Ah, well. Now I'm finally off to sleep. Hopefully I'll have a quiet night of dreams.